About Us

Our company engaged in projecting, delivery, installation, implementation, operation and in maintenance of building control.

Dear Customer!

The shareholders of the company established LSA Ltd in 2003.

The LS Building Automation Ltd distributes, as well markets the most up to date and highest quality control systems with their supplementary devices for the Partners and installs at various projects.

In our delivery range easy to find all from the common analogue devices (thermostats) to the modern digital controllers, as well the most complex building supervisory systems. The complete palette of building automation is always available to Your wide-ranging demand.

We are the authorised partner and distributor in Hungary of the German Kieback & Peter Co. from 1st of January, 2006.

Our practice-oriented engineers and technicians get regularly training in Hungary, in Germany and in the Czech Republic.

All over the time our 'team spirit oriented' colleagues grant for the Partners the highest quality level.

We do our best to serve all Customers wide-ranging in the field of building control.

Many thanks for choosing LSA Ltd!


Best regards,
Peter Aracs
General Manager



Technical advice and contracting

Our experienced technicians and engineers are always at Your service to implement and install Your systems on the optimal way and under the most favourable budget conditions.
According to Your drawing and data sheets we provide the 'on site' and central elements for control; we make the appropriate price budget and in a short time limit, and we finish the contracting offer for You. In the enclosure of the offer You get all manufacturer's data sheets. To Your tender we send the offer of course in electronic way too.


All of the LSA technicians are well trained and they have the necessary license of the Chamber. We carry out the various projects by up to date CAM/CAD systems. The applied CAM/CAD systems take our job easier, and minimize the occasional troubles.
LSA stores electronically all dates and documentations of every realized project, in order to grant the quick access at implementation.

Project management

At the implementations LSA provides its own project management with steady subcontractors, in order to grant an eminent high quality.

Production of control panels

At building automation projects we produce - with involving of our well-skilled partners - the control panels, let those be whether a 'multi module' control panel and heavy-currant one, or a single switchboard; these all operate according to whichever intelligent, digital control systems.

Cabling, implementation

We are contractor with steady partners in joint venture, marking the goal to implement projects including the cabling of heavy-current parts and their control ones.

Producting user and supervisory SW, putting systems into operation

Our colleagues - utilizing long-term expertise of their programming activity - make the user software in the controllers and supervisory software for their presentation. In every project our engineers put the different systems into operations. Our colleagues strive to optimize the programs of a system on the most favourable term, and if it is necessary they modify the software on site too.

Documentation, training

We close all projects by presenting of a final documentation. We store every documentation electronic form too, so that we ensure the quick access also at maintenance.

After the takeover/trial procedure of the project LSA supports with an 'on site' training Your operator-staff, in order to have efficiency the necessity know-how of the control system.


After the takeover - better saying after the expiry date of warranty - LSA helps in a contractual frame to operate Your system efficiently, and we maintain the implemented project. From now on we keep on doing the occasionally improvements. LSA has both a high-level mobility, and a top-class communication.

LSA grants a 5 year warranty on all own implemented systems with simultaneously maintenance.
At filing of a claim we are ready to be on site meeting always Your demand (even if at a 724 system).

Remote control

LSA keeps on operating its 'remote control' centre for the Partners on own home premises. We have live-connection by modems with the implemented projects. All over the time LSA has the latest infos of every operating system.

Moreover, at Kieback&Peter's projects LSA provides a top level technique supporting remote control for every parameter, and is able to improve the user software on site.

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Az LS Épületautomatika Kft., vagy a védjegy tulajdonjogával rendelkező harmadik fél által írásban kiállított és aláírt engedély hiányában a jelen honlap tartalmából semmi sem értelmezendő a honlapon található bármely védjegy használatára feljogosító licenc vagy felhasználási jog átadásaként. Szigorúan tilos a védjegyek vagy egyéb anyagok bármely módon történő illetéktelen felhasználása, ellenkező esetben azok jogosulatlan használata polgári jogi, illetve büntetőjogi szankciókat vonhat maga után.